Social Poem – NEW ORK, NEW ORK!

“Log off, don’t let your brain explode …”

Creative Sparks



(to a Sinatra beat)peace-music-symbol:sm

They’re tweeting the news
It’s binging your way
Tune in with social apps
 Click peeps all day

Don’t pause to check mail
Don’t go out and play
Don’t waste your cybertime
 Cruising E-bay!

Just tweak, scan and optimize
Streaming bytes of truth and lies
See filtered views on world woe
                                  By blogging sites that come and go

If when your eyes are tired and red
Emoticons dance in your head
Browse down and slowly ease away
From online chatter night and day

Take time to stretch and touch the sky
Go walk the dog or bake a pie
Log off, don’t let your brain explode
From online content overload!

By John “Boomer” Leighty
… on the Boomer-beat Cloud

Author: John "Boomer" Leighty

As a deadline journalist focused on the San Francisco beat, my gaze has seen a once laconic landscape turn into a profit-driven Westernized juggernaut that virtually no one can afford to step into. In the recent economic maelstrom, the healthcare sector has thrived with Boomers paying most of the bill. While many prospered in an inflationary bubble during the 1990s, a numbing number of Boomers are now hobbling toward the pearly portal with multiple chronic conditions and depleted resources from a reversal of fortune due to the fleecing of the economy by corrupt corporations, industry-backed oil wars, Wall Street greed, and overt government deceptions. I covered the Barbary Coast scene as a maverick reporter and national feature writer for United Press International during the stoned seventies and zippy eighties and currently write about a range of issues that impact the boomer experience. Check out my Boomertrip Lists of topics and activities that enhance or influence senior activities and healthy aging goals. Tune in, turn on and sound off to help compile and share resources needed by an eclectic generation that created ‘counterculture’ values and is flashing the peace sign as the sun slowly rises on a burgeoning brave new world paradigm of artificial intelligence, smart drones, robotic workers, twisted news, and social media influences.